Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil = DELIGHTFUL


Humble sample of oil

I’ll start with the most recent beauty product I’ve finished up, Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil. I got a sample of this at Yogala Echo Park for about $2 over a year ago and it lived in the bottom of a purse I’d tossed aside. I was cleaning out my purses, pulled the bottle out to toss but sniffed it first. It had an incredibly gorgeous smell and I decided to keep it. I had no clue if this oil was for face or body and decided to try it on my face. That’s a pretty bold move for me given I have acne prone skin and a history of breaking out from many so called “non comedogenic” products. But it smelled so good and the quality of the oil felt smooth and velvety on my fingertips. My intuition led me to give it a shot. I did not break out.

This small bottle, probably around 20ml has lasted me two months! Unbelievable. I incorporated this into my skin care regimen using it at night after dotting my problem areas with Sea Buckthorn Oil and using Strivectin eye cream. I really enjoyed the smell of the essential oils, the non sticky texture and the quickly absorbed action of the oil. It has softened my skin, kept it clear, and has led to a really nice few months of my skins appearance. Judging from the meek packaging and the fact that I randomly picked it up at a yoga studio, I thought this was a local line made in some dark basement adorned with crystals and lava lamps.

I typed the name in, at first I thought it was Dr. Alkaline, but the name is Dr. Alkaitis. The website features a beautifully layed out product line that’s been established by a fellow Bruin (go UCLA!). I’d accidentally picked up a low toxin, high quality product and it is the first one I’ll be reviewing here!

Used til the last drop
Used til the last drop

Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil can be used for face, body, and scalp. It is made from organic ingredients including cold pressed oils, herbs, Vitamin E, and essential oils. They list and describe in detail each of their products on their website. As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t any questionable items on their list and now I understand why it had such a wonderful aroma – the ingredients are from actual herbs. It’s like tumbling down a grassy hill covered in fresh flowers – and ones that don’t make you sneeze!

I found:

  • absorbed quickly, not sticky
  • gorgeous scent
  • softened skin without being oily
  • no acne break out
  • evened tone, skin was dewy and clear

Their trademarked philosophy is “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” What a great concept. I can go with this. It makes sense, why would you slather stuff on your skin, a membrane that can absorb topically applied chemicals, that could hurt you if eaten?

It is $80 for a 4 ounce bottle, steep! You can buy an 8ml sample for $5, and this could last you long enough to experience the benefits.

Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil is the first product I am reviewing on Detox Girl, a product that sat in the bottom of a forgotten purse. By chance it might be one of the most pure and toxin free products I’ve used in my life.

Off to a great start!

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