DSC01178I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie, perhaps even a hoarder of beauty products. That clashes somewhat with my interest in holistic and organic as many products are loaded with chemicals that might be toxic. Lately I’ve become concerned with my immediate environment and what toxic sludge I might be inadvertently dumping into my body.

Unfortunately I have a passion for Doritos, mac n’cheese, fried chicken and a really good steak. I also appreciate a beauty product that delivers and performs, regardless of its chemical make up. But I strive for more. I want to be satisfied by performance and know that I am consuming products that are clean, healthy, low in toxins, and reduced environmental impact. I’d also like products that are fair trade and made by folks who can be held accountable to their claims.

I demand to have my toxin free cake and eat it too.

I wish I had infinite time to focus obsessively and with perfection on my health – but I don’t have this luxury. Balancing my life and carving out time to take charge of my health is something I aim to achieve, in my own imperfect way here. Although it would be great to live in a green, toxin free bubble of peace, I don’t. I’m all about figuring out what works best to be healthy while balancing work, love, friendships, and life in Los Angeles.

As my mom once told me, you can do everything possible to be healthy – and still get sick So what then? I don’t guarantee answers, nor will I take claims for face value by energized sales people pushing their latest healing method or product. I will create my own best rational approach and hope it leads to well being and longevity. And I will probably still eat mac n’cheese, steak, and fried chicken once in a while.

***I am not a health practitioner, nor do I have any medical training, so please do not follow my experience as medical advice. This website is intended for informational purposes only. Consult your doctor or health practitioner for medical advise.

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