Bye-bye toxins – first post!

Inaugural post for Detox Witch! This witch is stepping off her broom and sweeping out the old… slowly!

The phasing out of my toxic products begins today and I’m looking forward to the purge! Although I would love to switch everything to less toxic products right this minute, I don’t think it’s environmental to squeeze out tubes of product into the trash. Unless there’s a good reason, such as long expired sunscreen, a recalled product, or a known danger, I’m going to use up what I currently have. Because I’m interested in their chemical make up I’m also going to feature these products in what I’ll call a phase out period for the next few months.

My product cabinet
My product cabinet – yikes!

I’m also reducing my load of lower toxin products, using them up before they go rancid or bad. Some of these I might repurchase, but for now I just want to downsize.

My medicine cabinet - not too bad
My medicine cabinet – not too bad
Make up drawers
Supply cabinet – it’s deep back there!

I’ve sworn off buying anything until I’ve really gotten things down in size, but I’m excited to research and review these old products for toxic load. It’s been about three to four months since I’ve bought anything new for my skincare regimen.

Coincidentally today is the first day that the Affordable Care Act has opened up for enrollment. In the spirit of wellness I want to put out good energy for the health of our country, in whatever form that takes.

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