Cherry tomato success and fail 

Update on what I’m growing – Snow White, Blue Boar Berries, and Sungold cherry tomatoes. (Pictured left to right) I love the variety of colors and flavors! The Snow Whites are coming out pale yellow and taste mild and sweet, the Blue Boar Berries are a deep purple red with a cute light star on top with a tart, acidic, and bright taste. The Sungolds are a nice orange color and are the sweetest of the three, but the skin can be a little tougher.

I didn’t stake properly and both my sungold and blue boar cherry tomatoes fell over a few weeks ago, oops!

After the sad collapse, the plant foliage on the sungold continued to shrink and whither. I’m going to prune it down to the base after I let more of the current tomatoes ripen. The Sungold did produce a ton of tomatoes (4-5 pounds so far)… with more to ripen on its scraggly vines.

The Blue Boar recovered nicely and is thriving, still fruiting and has lots of healthy foliage. 

  Blue Boar before ripening.  Blue boar when ripe.

Snow White has been limping along, it has not grown as big as I thought it would from the start, but it continues to grow and produce some fruit.

I gave them all fertilizer and have been watering regularly, but I could use some advice! One point to note, the sungold and Snow White are in the Geo Pots and I’m concerned they’re not happy in them. Too black, hot? Or I may have not filled them with enough soil… perhaps the wrong type of soil.

Who knows! Fun to see them grow and guess what is happening with my first ever crop. Heres the “before.”

Here’s my latest harvest!

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