Beautycounter Surprise – UPDATED


I had my first experience with Beautycounter from a friend who is a rep for them a few weeks ago.

The risk a friend might take in giving me a product to try is well… a negative review. I’m the blogger that wants to spend time digging into product ingredients and write honestly about the performance of low toxin products. Cool thing is, that was a risk my friend Shea was willing to take.

Shea Smith is a former co-worker of mine who has begun a venture into selling Beautycounter products. She’s a woman of many talents, TV producing included, and I admire her bravado in trying out sales in this highly competitive industry. Beautycounter was started from an entrepreneur and mom, Gregg Renfrew, who shifted her thinking on toxicity in the cosmetics industry and created a safer product line. The marketing and sales model is much like a revamped Mary Kay or Avon where potential clients attend parties and try the products. The company does not have a store front, and invites entrepreneurial salespeople to promote their products and make sales on their behalf.

In the past I have tried Mary Kay, Avon, NuSkin, and Herbalife products and was not impressed with the quality and performance of these direct sale / MLM products.

After trying Shea’s products, I have to say Beautycounter is impressive. This is a potential giant in the landscape of natural, low toxin product lines… even outside of direct sales. There are a few products I would now put on my Top Shelf. First,

The pros – they offer full disclosure of ingredients, including posting information on how their products rank on the EWG site. They do not test on animals, are low toxin, have beautiful packaging, and the products perform. Hard to find all of these pros in one product line.

The cons – Price. Products range from $24 for a cleanser, to $64 for a treatment oil.

Beautycounter Standouts:


Their oils $64. While pricey, I find that they compare in quality and performance to another low toxin powerhouse, Dr. Alkaitis. I tried all three of the Lustro line and found my favorite to be the Lustro Face Oil 2, Jasmine, which was a delicate and moisturizing oil. It had a nice texture and sank right into my skin. Did not feel greasy, just dewy. Lovely scent as well.


The sunscreen $26. GOOD, COMPETITIVE PRICE FOR THIS TYPE OF PRODUCT! In a quest to find a sunblock/sunscreen that is free of chemicals and effective, their product Protect All Over FACE Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 blows the competition out of the water. The lotion itself is quick absorbing, does not leave a white cast on the skin, and has beneficial moisturizers included. The texture and application performs as well as any high end sunscreen I’ve tried, including Shiseido and Clarins – sans the chemicals. At 4.8 2.25 ounces, this is an competitively average priced sunscreen over BurnOut, my current favorite which is 3 ounces at $18.

UPDATE: Beautycounter DISCONTINUED THE 2.25 ounce FACE VERSION (PICTURED ABOVE), so the stats I found online were not correct and have been crossed out above. Not sure when they will reintroduce this on the market, but when I know I will update again. Until then, the thicker, oilier version for the body is available and is not the same quality as their FACE version.

I think of all Beauty Counter products, Protect All Over FOR FACE raises the bar in a world of toxic sunscreens. It is rated a 1 on the EWG database, and includes one ingredient I am on the fence about, phenoxyethanol. At this point I have not found enough evidence to exclude it from my regimen in the low concentrations currently used.


Other items worth mentioning: The basic Everyday Day and Night Creams were very light, absorbed well, and gave great moisture. The rose water was a lovely spritzer for added moisture and refreshment.

I have other products that I am happy with at their current price point and quality, but if I had unlimited money I might toss everything and use this line alone. May the day come! In the meantime, the sunscreen is going in my shopping cart.

You can find additional Beauty Counter products from Shea Smith at:



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      Thanks! This is supportive of new bloggers and growing the community, great idea!

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