High-end Hylunia


I’ve spent some shameful amounts of money on skincare, and the Hylunia brand is one where I once made a big honkin’ drop of cash. Two years ago or so, I went to a med spa for a series of groupon facials and the lovely folks upsold me on Hylunia, a hyaluronic acid based line.

At the time I just wanted something that wouldn’t make me break out and would help my continual battle with acne scars. Dazzled by my glowing, flawless aesthetician, I opened my wallet and bought a set of cleanser, toner, and two moisturizers from Hylunia.

I used the set for a little over four months and it was gentle and pleasant, but wasn’t really strong enough for my acne. It did help scars heal faster and keep my skin looking better overall. For the steep price tag of over $200, the results didn’t seem worth the price.

Now that I am looking into chemical free products, I am revisiting this brand as I finish up a bottle of their body lotion, Hylunia’s Healing and Restoring Cream.


It’s a $36 dollar lotion. YES, I spent THIRTY SIX dollars on a bottle of BODY lotion. Well, not exactly. I got it for 50% off because I had bought so many other Hylunia products that day. The body lotion is average, I do not get the amazing results that are boasted about on their website. It does the job of moisturizing, but so do many other organic lotions that I’ve used. Nubian Heritage is one that comes to mind.

In looking at their website, Hylunia was developed by a doctor that was concerned about so called “skincare” products including chemicals that damage skin, potentially cause cancer, and promote aging. Their products are free of parabens, fragrances, phosphates, etc… Hylunia is vegan and gluten-free.

This is all great, but I want stellar results for the prices Hylunia charges. I have also not found any support that hyaluronic acid is a good long term skin care ingredient, and might not be great for all skin types. It might even pull moisture from the skin in dry climates. I’m not convinced this is a safe product for me in SoCal, for daily, long term use.

I am on the search for something else! Dr. Alkaitis is one line that I am impressed with right now.