How to prevent obesity and lose weight

Stop eating Sugar. She’s a nasty little demon, a sister of alcohol.

Sugar charms her way into almost everything processed. She comes in a gazillion forms and hides behind weird names, but you can stop buying that sneaky Sugar.

Take a long hard look at your connection to Sugar and seriously think of ending your relationship with her. It’s hard cause she’s everywhere and that is not your fault. Cigarettes, her brother, are everywhere too, but you don’t have to smoke him.

Sugar is fine on your birthday (if you relapse) and maybe a few holidays, but that’s about it. Same with Cigarettes.

Sugar is crafty and cunning and will weasel her way back into your life. But you can slam the door in her face! No soda, no ketchup, no candy, no fast food. No sports drinks, no cake, cookies, yogurt, pasta sauce w sugar, salad dressing, donuts, bread even (unless it’s made without added sugar). These are places where she hides, waiting to seduce you!

Yeah it’s different to live this way. Yes it’s hard to battle every retail check out line with soda and candy (gas station, best buy, grocery stores, even TJ Maxx).  It’s hard but I do it every day where I wave a magic wand that makes Sugar disappear from my peripheral vision.

Stop eating Sugar, for real, and your life will change.

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  1. I am afraid. I’ve even tried reducing it, which went well for a bit, but couldn’t go cold turkey. Will try again!


    1. detoxwitch says:

      LOL sorry to scare you. Cold turkey is too rough, but reducing it can work. Right now I have a big ol jar of honey on my desk that I try to use sparingly. And of course I indulge in treats from time to time. We have to live a little!

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