K-cup recycling 

It’s a great perk that the City of LA takes quite a bit of materials for recycling, and with a little work k-cup parts can be recycled.

Since it takes a bit of time to disassemble, I collect them in a box and then do it all at once every other month or so.

Even better would be investing in a reusable K-cup, which my husband uses at work, but I still like the convenience of the easy to store and easy to use caffeine boosters – so here’s my solution to keeping as much as I can out of the landfill.  

I peel the lids, collect the coffee grounds to feed my acid loving plants, and pull out the filters. The lids and filters go in the trash and plastic parts go in the recycling. 

 I fed my two Japanes maples and blueberry the grounds, hope they like it.


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