Cherry tomatoes 


I got a little excited at Descanso Gardens Tomatomania last weekend and bought three cherry tomato plants plus a shishito pepper. They had so many varieties and colors, it really was fun to browse and make my selections. I picked white, gold, and blue/black cherry tomatoes. The three plants looked so tiny and cute, and how big could cherry tomato plants get anyhow?

With that thought I bought two geobags – cool collapseable and reuseble planter bags -thinking I could do two tomatoes in one bag, the other tomato and pepper in the other. Oops! Not recommend as I found out later online.

These cherry tomatoes grow very tall as they are indeterminate varieties, which means they can get up to twelve feet tall and need lots of space and soil! Determinate varieties tend to be smaller and going forward I would probably opt for those. Oh well!

Since I don’t have a lot of space, I decided on the grow bags so they would be easy to move around the yard if I had to (they have handles for this), I could store them later when the tomato plants were done, and supposedly they have good water retention so I don’t have to use as much water. 

So I planted one plant per grow bag, and the third in a biodegradable pot (I chose this so I can easily toss it when done) and the shishito in its own smaller pot.

I used 3.5 large bags of Edna’s Organics potting soil for the whole lot and mixed in tomato fertilizer for each plant.


Here are the types that I picked:

  • Snow White Ivory Cherry Tomato
  • Sungold
  • Blue boar berries

Will be caging them soon. Excited to watch them grow! 


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