Aubrey Masks – The Big Toss

These two masks (on the right) that I purchased from Aubrey promised a lot, but didn’t really work that great. This is a case where I feel natural products can be ineffective for me.

The Oil Balancing Mask by Aubrey, is an oily skin mask made primarily with kaolin clay. I found this product very chalky and was almost impossible to rinse off. With each use, I found a white residue on my face hours later and just ignored the tube for years. It’s amazing how we can become blind to our clutter. It took me a moment to realize this tube has been sitting in my bathroom cabinet for years without being touched.

I dont think I can find any use for this as I dread the white residue. I also found there to be little clarifying, peeling, or nutrient building aspects to this clay mask and am glad to toss it away. Additionally, the clay itself plugged up the opening so I will have to cut the tube open to empty the contents into the trash. Ick!

On the other hand, the Vegecol with Aloe and Oatmeal Soothing Mask by Aubrey is one mask that I have mostly used up. At this point it has aged to the point of no return, being a strange new color and consistency. Into the trash this will go!

It was a good gently mask for when my skin felt inflamed, after a bad breakout or sun exposure or even inflammation from pollution. It has Jojoba wax spheres that worked very well to gently exfoliate the skin. I did have good results from this product, BUT the big drawback was the funky smell. It smelled a lot like spoiled milk which was not something to look forward to. I probably will not buy this one again, unless they have a newer formulation with a more pleasant smell.

Two more products out! I’m counting these masks for my Day 3 and Day 4 items for The Big Toss! 26 more to go!

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