Colgate – The Big Toss

I don’t think I have to explain too much on this selection for purging, but I have been avoiding fluoride and this is one source of it.

I’ve also become blind to this tube, that has sat unused in my cabinet for almost two years and taken up shelf space. In addition to the fluoride, this paste has saccharin and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Bye bye Colgate! Flouride has done a lot to keep my teeth strong, but I don’t think it’s worth the added fluoride health risks over the long term. 

Here’s my reasoning: I’m already getting a mandatory daily dose from the LA water supply and don’t want to add to that burden on my body from toothpaste or other sources (like green and black tea). There are guidelines set for how much fluoride we can take, however it is possible to exceed those levels by our own personal ingestion of additional sources – and those higher levels are not recommended by any health organization.  It’s a shame the responsibility lies on the consumer to guess how much fluoride we are consuming, and also be forced to consume it from our water supply.

PS. I’m behind on tossing things, this is #5. Another post to follow today.

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