Water saving ideas

Since we are in the throes of drought in California, I wanted to share some of the things I do to conserve water. A few I was taught the first time my family experienced drought here in the early 90’s when brown-outs were ordered, meaning no more water for your lawn. It became pretty obvious who wasn’t listening 🙂

I’m sure Beverly Hills has some special reserve for water (I’m being sarcastic here) but those massive lawns should be the first to go IMHO before I should have to sacrifice my tomato plants!

Before we get to the point where urban homesteaders pick up their pitchforks and protest Brentwood, Bel Air, and BH mansions and golf courses – let’s all conserve!

The facts are, we are running out of water. We are in a prolonged drought. We will have to conserve if we want to still have hot showers and running water.


Shorter showers. During the prior drought my family took 3 minute showers. In my imaginary world, folks who won’t take this measure, should be the first to lose a shower privilege period. Realistically I’m taking five minute showers for now and I shut off the tap to soap up.

No more baths or if you do, use some of the water on your yard by pulling out a few buckets. (This sounds extreme but it may come to measures like this).

Turn off the tap when shaving legs, face, washing your face, brushing teeth, and whatever else you’re doing that doesn’t require running water. This is something I hope you already have been doing.

Fill a pitcher or garden can when waiting for water to heat up. Seriously, that’s a ton of water waste that can be diverted into your drinking filter or plants.

If you don’t need it, don’t order water at a restaurant. The water plus the additional water to clean your cup is wasteful.

Stay hydrated!! Don’t drink less water regardless of the drought!



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