Bliss Makeup – The Big Toss

I gathered up five Bliss products in my cabinet, at some point years ago I went through a Blissworld phase when they had a makeup line. Now defunct, I can’t locate these products online or even find their ingredients lists. Being a mystery line that is currently collecting dust, they will be part of my big toss.   I had a hard time throwing these eyeshadows out as they are neutral, wearable colors and a nice soft texture.

However, the ingredients aren’t listed on the packaging and the boxes they came in were tossed long ago. As Bliss has discontinued their old makeup line, there is very little online presence of their BlissLids products.  

Like chasing an online ghost, I found some reviews for the shades themselves but could not get an ingredients list.

I’m going to toss these because given the age of the products and the reputation for Bliss products to historically include parabens (they went paraben free in 2012).  Edit    I’m pretty certain there are other toxic ingredients keeping these shadows in their currently very well preserved state, but I don’t want to add that burden to my body.    Lidstick in Sleepy. I don’t think I ever really liked this blue eyeliner for the texture and color, which makes me wonder why I kept it around so long. Bye bye!    Lipliner in Tender. This one is hard to part with, I do still love this color and that the flip side of this pencil has a very good lipstick and lipgloss brush. I’m going to hang onto it for the lipbrush, but stop using the liner.

#10, #11, #12, #13 in the Detox Witch Challenge – The Big Toss!

PS – will be scraping out the shadows and dropping the containers in the recycling. Will toss the pencil in the trash.

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