Fresh Beauty – The Big Toss

I got a trio of Fresh products for free from Sephora VIP rewards and was excited to try them because I’ve enjoyed Fresh bath products. While expensive, they make very luxurious and beautifully scented lotions, fragrances, soaps, and bath salts. I was in love with the lychee scent, and bought it from time to time as a treat.

Of the three products I tried, I only liked the oil.

1. Youth Preserve: pretty jar, but unhygienic and degrading to the product from repeated finger contact. The face cream has a light lovely texture and scent, but made my skin break out on the third day. I wanted this to work, it broke me out three times. Will relegate to body lotion to use up.

2. Soy Cleanser: feels like nothing, almost like Cetaphil, no exfoliating properties, it felt like it didn’t clean my skin. Wish my skin wasn’t so oily, but this just didn’t make a dent. Given Tocopheryl Acetate is the #1 ingredient, I also am not sure this is low toxin enough for me in addition to it not performing well.

3: Seaberry serum/oil: Great oil! Good for dabbing on acne or spots as the Seabuckthorn has antiaging properties, healing, and nourishing ability. I will finish this up. I will not repurchase as there are plenty of other oils, including pure seabuckthorn, that I can buy without Linalool, which I am starting to avoid as some fragrance additives are bothering me. Not that I wouldn’t use an amazing cream with Linalool, I just know I currently have or can find better quality oils.

That’s #8 and #9 in The Big Toss! 21 more to go!

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