Aubrey Organics GBP Shampoo – The Big Toss

This Aubrey Organics GBP shampoo… How do I be polite? Well, I’ll just say it, it sucked!

No bubbles (suds are my personal preference), smelled like vomit, did not feel like it cleaned my hair at all, and combined with the matching conditioner left my hair dry, oddly chalky, and very dull.

The Aubrey Organics GBP Conditioner is also just ok. It’s a very mild conditioner that actually feels and performs how I expect conditioners to work. I didn’t find it remarkable enough to repurchase and will use this up on my legs for shaving cream (my favorite way to repurpose poor performing conditioners, provided they are not full of chemicals).

To the bin it goes, I’m not even going to spend time reviewing the ingredients!  I’m looking for better performing low toxin products… and these don’t fit the bill for me.

These are items #6 and #7 for the Detox Witch Challenge – The Big Toss. Now I’m caught up!

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  1. rebeccaleib says:

    Interesting- I like other Aubrey Organics products, sucks to hear that these don’t work. What is your recommendation for the best shampoo/conditioner? I use Yes To Blueberries conditioner and Trader Joe’s Tea Tee Oil shampoo but I’m sure there are better options. I took a risk on Burt’s Bees Mango shampoo/conditioner combo and while it smelled AMAZING it left my hair super gross and greasy. Any recs would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. filmoyster says:

      THANKS 🙂
      I love the Giovanni line. Their Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioners are my favorite, but I have oily hair. My hubbie likes their Smooth as Silk. They are not completely free of chemicals… phenoxyethanol is their most questionable one, but for how well this works, and how far down the ingredients list it is, I’ve decided I’m OK with it.


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