Tech Gadget for Natural Birth Control


I just came across an awesome new device to help us ladies figure out when we’re fertile. Natural birth control might be a risqué method to promote, but I believe it is effective provided:

1 – you are not a teenager or young woman going through major hormonal fluctuations,

2 – you have a regular cycle,

3 – you are willing to track your temperature on a daily basis.

4 – you prepared to have protected sex when you are fertile (and don’t want to get pregnant)

There are many helpful apps you can use to track your cycle and manually input your temperature to predict when you are fertile. Love these! I have two on my phone, MyDays and Kindara. You then avoid having unprotected sex during your fertile window, which is around seven days. I think this is an awesome way to know when I am most likely to get pregnant, avoid unprotected sex or sex entirely, and to just have better awareness of my bodies fertility cycle. I also hope to use this tool for when I am ready to get pregnant.

Kindara is one such app, which has now just launched pre-orders for their basal thermometer that syncs with your mobile device. The Kindara Wink costs $79 right now on pre-order (will eventually retail for $129) and will be available in Black, Pink, Blue, and White. Will ship in the Spring of 2015.

Get yours now! Can’t wait!

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  1. comedybass says:

    This will really help with population control!


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