Resolution: Wear Eco Sunscreen


A 2014 resolution. Wear sunscreen everyday. Or you will die. Maybe. However, if you live (because you wore that sunscreen), precious sea critters will die. Maybe.

I don’t want to alarm you yet, but that chemical sunscreen running through your veins, suffocating your blood cells is also tearing up our coral reefs.

So yeah, the dermatologists will tell you that you’ll maybe die if you don’t wear sunscreen, but the angelfish and sea urchins are going to maybe die if you do. I learned this snorkeling at Xel-ha in Mexico where they ban you from using any sunscreens besides their own eco formula. They want their fish to thrive and to not die from the tons of toxic sunscreens splashing into their waters from snorkelers.

Enter BurnOut, an Eco sunscreen that biodegrades and is free of chemicals (eg. oxybenzone, octinoxate). BurnOut works as a physical sunscreen reflecting the rays off your skin using a non nano zinc oxide*. At SPF 30, it goes on easily, leaves a matte finish, does not make me break out, and runs around $18. I’ve spent more on chemically loaded sunscreens with less favorable results (Shisheido, Dermalogica).

I highly recommend BurnOut as an excellent daily sunscreen that meets the trifecta of Detox Witch perfection: Eco friendly, High Performing, and Low Toxin. BurnOut is a winner and makes it to my Top Shelf!

*For an informative description of nano particles vs non nano check out this page:



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  1. I thought chemical free sunscreens did not exist! Awesome post. Any information on it helping with acne scars? Like, does it help prevent acne scars from darling or scarring? 🙂


  2. filmoyster says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure if it will help with scars, but I know it helps me from getting more breakouts. For scars I like to use non comedogenic oils, like argan oil, vitamin E, emu oil, seabuckthorn oil, and glycolic acid products.


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