Air plant fun

Air plant post4

I got this air plant to go in a sad little glass planter that’s been occupied by a dead assortment of succulents.air plant1

My fiance bought this cool floating terrarium from a farmers market stand. It was cute but didn’t make it due to an er meager watering schedule.

Having low maintenance plants is ideal in our household and an air plant is pretty good for that. Also known as tillasandia the air plant doesn’t root, unless it is to hang onto something it lives on. It needs a soaking or misting every week or two, and some liquid fertilizer every once in a while.

Here’s the before:

air plant2

I washed some old decorative stones and picked out the little ones:

Air plant post2

Put in the bottom of the glass container and added the air plant and a little carved elephant charm:

Air plant post5


It looks happy here near the window above my kitchen sink:


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