Hydro razor – eco guilty

Ahhh a smooth, clean shave is almost worth the guilt for buying a disposable razor. On a recent shopping trip to Target I made a split second impulse buy, grabbing a three pack of Hydro razors. It is an excellent razor, giving me a smooth, long lasting shave with no need to go back over areas.

After getting my fourth shave in on this five blade workhorse, I realized I’d be dumping it in our waste stream pretty soon. This hefty piece of plastic was disposable, but that doesn’t mean recyclable.

A few companies are improving the carbon footprint of razors, I found Schick Xtreme3 and Preserve make recycled razors. Preserve is the only company that I have found that makes both recycled and recyclable razors, if your cities recycling program will take #5 plastic. I contacted Preserve to find out if the blade itself is recyclable. It is not, and I haven’t found any that are. The Preserve blade can be swapped with any triple blade refills apparently.

Now that I know that this is an option, it won’t be difficult to make this change. Three blades is a downgrade but I don’t mind. I’ll review the Preserve razor as soon as I’m done with the Hydros!

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