Weleda Skin Food – Done and Done

I bought this tube of Weleda Skin Food a few years ago and am now finishing it up. All part of the plan to get closer to getting to try new products! Skin Food is a very thick and rich cream good for dry spots. I find it too oily however, as it leaves a shiny residue on my hands and anything I touch after. It’s just not for me and I’m glad to finish this up and move on. I tend to use up rich products on my feet at night so to the soles and then the recycling bin this tube will go.

I will however continue to buy Weleda products. Weleda is a sustainable, fair trade skincare line that has an emphasis on using quality natural ingredients that perform well. I was surprised to see Skin Food score a 5 out of 10 on SkinDeep, but the blogger below explained that the addition of fragrance inflates the score due to SkinDeep automatically categorizing the source of the fragrance dubious. In Weleda products, the fragrance is from essential oils which are typically not toxic.


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