Kombucha Booze


I just got carded for kombucha! I’m an occasional kombucha drinker now, brewing it years ago after spending too much money on GT’s Kombucha. After a sick scoby (kombucha baby) and too many out of town trips to keep my brew growing, I stopped drinking the yummy ferment for a few years.

I tried GT’s again recently and noticed it didn’t have that sparkling fizz and muscle relaxing properties I so enjoyed. A friend told me it was cause they took out the alcohol content per regulations.

Sometime in 2011 GT introduced their recalled “Classic” as a 21 and up drink. Better late than never, I found a bottle of this at whole foods in Pasadena today.

Is Kombucha toxic? If drank in excess, I think it would have the same negative effects of alcohol. There are a few reports of liver damage and other negative affects from home brews in the 90’s, but not enough to worry me. Bacterial spinach and chicken outbreaks freak me out way more. It’s actually really hard to find any articles reporting toxicity with Kombucha. Please share if you know of more, I want to know!

In the meantime, bottoms up!

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  1. boooooochiiiii 🙂


  2. Sophia says:

    I love Kombucha. My favorite flavor is the trilogy, so good!


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