Aveeno Positively Radiant = Positively Toxic


Finding a moisturizer that works as a sunscreen and foundation at the same time is akin to finding a soul mate. The good news is I’ve been on more bad dates with Mr. Crummy Foundation than Mr. Wrongs. I’m still looking for a good foundation with the right color, coverage for acne spots, and SPF. Some women on many beauty boards refer to this makeup quest as the search for the HOLY GRAIL (hg for short) and a few lucky ones have landed on theirs.


I’ve been carrying on with Aveeno Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer for a few bottles worth. This product is branded as Aveeno Active Naturals and is dermatologist recommended. I started with Aveeno Positively Radiant because it didn’t make me break out, is SPF 30, hypoallergenic, and has great coverage. It’s also priced right at $14 for how well it works. I have acne prone skin and many products cause me itchiness followed by break out.


I’m afraid to bust this one on toxins, but I also want to know how it measures up in my search for lower toxin products. Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ranks 9/10 in toxicity on the Skindeep website. Why? 3 out of 4 active ingredients and the use of fragrance make this unfriendly to our systems. I would definitely be happy if Aveeno removed the fragrance – that seems like an unnecessary addition. The sunscreens would be a more challenging upgrade, but I believe they could do it!

Oxybenzone – toxic sunscreen

Octinoxate – toxic sunscreen

Homosalate – lower toxicity sunscreen

Octisalate – low toxin sunscreen



I’m dumping this Mr. Wrong! I’ll be phasing this Aveeno product out, even though the price tag and effectiveness make this an almost winner. If only they had less toxins! A final nail in the coffin: Aveeno (made by Johnson and Johnson) tests on animals according to PETA.

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  1. The Aveeno bottles that I own are not tested on animals. I do agree about the sunscreen only because my sensitive skin cannot have chemical sunscreens. I can only have physical sunscreen which Aveeno does make. I own it and love it. I want to try the aveeno moisturizer with physical spf. Maybe try the physical sunscreen instead? As long as the bottle says not tested on animals the brand is okay. Loreal tests on animals so their products do not state that.


  2. filmoyster says:

    I’m going to dig into this animal testing more – I recall many years ago that Aveeno did not test on animals and then the labeling disappeared from the Aveeno products I was buying later on. Did you buy yours in the US? And physical sunscreens are great! Low toxin as far as I know. Which might also explain that they don’t need to test them on animals.


  3. Julie M. says:

    Ugh. I was an avid Aveeno user, until I got pregnant and sat with the contents of my medicine cabinet entering each item into the Skindeep database. At some point, the super natural/simple oatmeal bath maker got bought by leviathan Johnson & Johnson and got not-so-natural. LOVE Skindeep! But I still miss buying skin care products at the grocery store.

    Oh, but I got a huge surprise when I went to a free beauty clinic with, of all things, Mary Kay Cosmetics. I always thought of overly made-up Texas dames driving pink Cadillacs when I heard the name, but sure as shootin’, this company owned by women and run by women actually got serious about breast cancer and skin cancer and TOTALLY altered their entire product line to get the toxic crap out! And it’s not as crazy-lame expensive as some of the wonder products out there. I’d probably run out and buy some more, if only I were not still so pleasantly ensconced in a post-baby, coconut oil dabbed behind-the-ears phase of my beauty regimen. Anyway, you might give it a try. Good stuff. Even if you do have to buy it from someone who either drives, or covets a pink Cadillac.


    1. filmoyster says:

      Thanks for the tip, will check out Mary Kay and their move to reduce toxins. And yes, SkinDeep is awesome!


  4. Erin says:

    I heard a lot of great things about it too, then looked at the ingredients and it also contains parabens and alcohol, etc. and returned it. Any luck with finding a good SPF moisturizer? Whole Foods also has a decent size section on skincare but I’ve never heard of any of the brands.


    1. filmoyster says:

      I like DeVita so far, but I want to look into the ingredient nano zinc oxide more. I also really like BurnOut Eco sensitive sunscreen. It’s got a great ingredient list and doesn’t make me break out.


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