Cold off the press

Fortunately I have a food hit to make up for the miss yesterday: Eagle Rock Juice Co.


Apparently juice bars that provide cold pressed juice are the super happening thing right now. I drove past Eagle Rock Juice Co. today and thought I’d check it out.

It’s not a made-to-order spot, instead you select fresh juices from a mini fridge. Not very exciting but that’s how it’s done. I believe they’re too busy pressing juices to stop for customized orders. That’s probably a good thing cause I’d be taking up all their time deciding what combo of juice I want.

I picked blend #2 which is green apple, kale, and cucumber. I had no clue what the price would be cause this place doesn’t have a menu, but for the 16 ounce bottle it costs $9 + tax. That’s nine dollars for juice! You get $.50 off for paying cash which I did, and when you return the nice glass bottle you get $.75 off your next juice. Pretty much a deposit system. As my fiance said, “Like the milk man, except he doesn’t screw your wife.” In the end I kinda felt screwed by the price, but I’m learning I’ve gotta shift my perspective on the true costs vs value of healing. I’m working on it!

What I’ve read is that cold pressed juice is promoted as an alternate to juicing methods that generate unwanted heat. Enzymes and nutrients are claimed to be decreased with heat. But is that relevant once cold pressed juice is bottled and sits for a few hours or even a few days in a fridge? I’d probably cold press it, then drink it right away if I bought my own juicer. Maybe I will.

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